Best Raw Unflavoured Whey Proteins Benefits and Risks

 As per research, raw whey protein is the world, and for some good reasons. It contains very high values of nutrition and numerous health benefits. There are three types of raw unflavoured proteins such as WPC (stands for Whey Protein Concentrate), WPI (stands for Whey Protein Isolate or isolate protein powder) and WPH (stands for Whey Protein Hydrolysate). WPH is an infant formula because it will improve digestion and reduce allergen potential.

Below are some benefits of raw protein:

  • It is an Excellent Source of high-quality protein
  • It Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Helps in treating 2 types of diabetes
  • Helps in reducing Inflammation 
  • It enhances the body’s Antioxidant Defences
  • Reduce the risk factor for heart diseases
  • It is high satiating which helps in reducing unwanted hunger

FitUp Life is one of the leading fitness supplement companies in India to promote a healthy lifestyle in India. FitUp Life offers two raw whey protein products to differentiate in weight to fulfill your health requirements.  FitUp Life highly focuses on consumer demand to achieve their different fitness goals and make everything at an affordable price. They produce high quality & affordable fitness products for all customers to achieve their fitness goals.

Whey Protein

FitUp Life’s Best Protein Supplements to Gain Muscle:

  • Raw Unflavoured Protein in 1 kg
    Raw Unflavoured Protein in 500 g

Description of Best Protein Supplements in India:

Our aim is to provide high grade & best protein supplements in India. Raw Whey Protein is one of them. FitUp Life offers unflavoured protein powder because flavored is not for all as everyone has their own taste. It can be consumed in different variations from Smoothie to food recipes according to your preferred taste. It is scored from the USA & maintains the highest hygiene standards.

Raw Whey Protein

Ingredients contained in Raw Unflavoured Protein Powder: 

80% raw whey concentrated protein which consists of 24gm protein, 11.4gm Eaas, 4.2gm Glutamic, & 5.3gm BCAA (with Digestive Enzymes) this makes it a perfect fitness supplement for the growth of muscles and improves recovery. 

Benefits of Whey Protein:  

  • Strength, muscle growth & recovery
  • It contains ingredients which are crucial sources of energy required during the day & night as to recover your body & get it ready for the next workout.
  • It contains digestive enzymes that help to digest raw protein without any issues and help to absorb protein more easily
  • No Sugar, No Preservatives & No Additives

 It is the best protein to gain muscle without any extensive workout. It offers two ranges so that you can try once. We know that people commonly use whey protein as supplementation alongside resistance workout sessions to gain muscles and lean muscle mass but might be risky if you know the exact dose. Consuming a very high dose may cause stomach pains, cramps, reduced appetite, fatigue, and headache. Sometimes you may face acne problems due to high doses. Be careful and read the instructions on the product before buying whey protein and keep yourself safe and healthy.

 Isolate Protein