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  • Resistance Loop Bands - Fitup Life
  • Resistance Loop Bands - Fitup Life

Resistance Loop Bands

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  • Color: ONE PACK(Light- Green, Medium- Red Heavy- Blue)
  • Size: ONE SIZE
  • Ideal: Male & Female
  • Material: LATEX


Best for Rehabilitation : Speaking of rehab — our resistance bands were previously and most commonly used for rehabilitation. This is because they allow patients to add slight, variable resistance to their exercises. Resistance bands are especially important in the use of rehabilitation for those that have just endured surgery. Even though resistance bands are for rehabilitation, they are good for much more!
Used for Strengthening and Toning : Fitup Life Resistance Loop Bands may seem like a less-than-ideal workout for those with more advanced fitness levels, but you might be surprised. These bands can challenge even the fit, as long as you choose Fitup Life Resistance Loop Bands and use them correctly.
Helpful in Physical Therapy : Put simply, Fitup Life Resistance Loop Bands is elastic bands with some form of handhold & that is also helpful for any kind of physical therapy & that is also designed to apply low-impact resistance for muscle-toning exercises.
Low cost investment : Our Resistance loop band is easily the most cost-effective form of band when you take into consideration the unlimited exercise options and the ability to impact all components of fitness and performance.