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Gym Gloves

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  • Amara leather web padding - One of the prime features of our gym gloves is the grip advantages that it offers. And, of course, our gloves will also make sure that sweat never causes the weights to slip out of your hand as our gloves has a prime web texture of padding.
  • Wrist Support – Our gym gloves also provide an additional benefit, in the form of extra wrist support. With our glove Velcro strap, you can wrap the strap tightly around your wrist, making it feel more stable.
  • Lycra Back - Our workout gloves can be a lot more comfortable than going barehanded as its back is made up of lycra which is itself very comfortable. Yup, those weights can be cold, rough, and uninviting to wrap your hands around. Therefore, our gloves help to solve this problem, effectively protecting your hands from the elements.
  • Palm Support - Wearing Fitup Life gloves during Functional Training may also help to reduce pressure on your hands. If you feel your lifting ability is being held back because your hands are uncomfortable, our gloves offer an easy solution. Therefore, it results in less pressure reduction on your palms.
  • Enhanced Grip & Fit- Our solid workout glove helps you to improve your grip while weight lifting or performing other exercises. It can also absorb excess sweat on your hands and prevent equipment from slipping, such as during a kettle bell swing etc.